Do VPNs keep my activity secure?

Episode 1839

Chris from California

Chris wants to use his ISPs VPN, but he's concerned about privacy. Leo says you may want to use a third-party VPN to keep your ISP from seeing what you're doing. While many claim to guard your privacy, if you look in the fine print, much of that is undermined by their shady practices. There was a report out this week that indicates many ISPs won't sell your information directly, but in the fine print, they will collect the data and parse it out in other ways.

Why Can't I Use iDrive With My New Mac?


Episode 1837

Rick from Mission Viejo, CA

Rick got a new M1 Mac, but iDrive isn't backing up to it and it won't access the website. Leo says it sounds like macOS is blocking iDrive and keeping it from backing up the hard drive. If there is any security software, disable it. Try then. It could be that the AVS, which he doesn't need for macOS, is blocking the IP. If he's using a VPN, that could be causing security software to prevent access. Leo has a hunch that the DNS may be blocked, and that could be the security software, router, or even a VPN. A proxy server like TOR Guard may be doing it as well.

Why Can't I Save to LibreOffice in macOS?


Episode 1837

Paul from Santa Monica, CA

Paul recently bought a MacBook Air, but the latest version of LibreOffice doesn't work on it. It won't save. Have they changed the software with the new Mac? Leo says that LibreOffice is a great open-source option to Microsoft Office. However, with the latest M1 Macs, Libre has to use Rosetta until the suite is updated for the M1 platform. But it's likely that there's a permissions issue due to macOS Catalina's new security features. So it may not be able to ask for permission. What Leo suggests is going into the security system preference pane and give Libre full access.

Don't Use Antivirus Programs on Your Mac

If you use a Mac, you do not need an antivirus service like Norton. They burrow deep into your operating system in an effort to protect your device, but they themselves might be vulnerable if not perfectly crafted. There aren't many macOS viruses, and anti-malware updates quickly take care of the few that pop up behind the scenes. Antivirus products will probably slow your computer down, sometimes considerably, in order to operate. In fact, Apple may have even blocked applications that dig so suspiciously deep into their OS.

Why Won’t My Antivirus Work on My Mac?


Episode 1835

Kenny from Cottontown, TN

Kenny has a Mac and is concerned his Norton antivirus software is vulnerable. Leo says he doesn't really need an antivirus app on a Mac. There are so few Mac viruses and their updates are nearly instant when one pops up. So an AVS isn't really helping. It's hindering. In fact, it may be that macOS is blocking it since it doesn't allow invasive apps like Norton to burrow in. So take it off.  


How Do Robocallers Have All My Information?


Episode 1834

Ted from Crystal River, FL

Ted is not only tired of Robocalling, but he's concerned about everything that they know about him. Leo says that can be frightening, especially when criminals prey on older users who make them believe they're from Medicare. They take advantage of public information that can be found online and use it to suck you in. Some of it is also from security breaches that are then sold on the dark web. It's highly illegal. What Leo advises is to ask them for a number and you will call them back. Then call Medicare directly and ask. Chances are, you're not getting MediCare, but some scammers.