Google Stock Surpasses $1,000 Per Share

Episode 1023

Google's quarterly earnings call this week showed that their stock has climbed past $1,000 a share, with significant gains in mobile search ad revenue. It's good news, but Leo says the fickle nature of stock means that sooner or later, it'll plunge. Nothing stays on top forever.

Google Stock Tops $1,000, Highlighting a Tech Divide (New York Times)…

Will Apple announce an iPad Mini 2 soon? (Part 1)

Episode 1009

Jeff from Salem, WA

Jeff knows about Apple's upcoming announcement on September 10th, and wants to know if it'll be announcing a new iPad Mini. Leo says it's anybody's guess. There's been plenty of speculation, but Apple has confirmed nothing. Here's what we're probably going to see - a new iPhone 5 and a new iPad. We really don't know for sure, though. Still, updates usually come within a year. Leo does like the Mini though, even though it doesn't have a retina screen.

How can I start a website for people to donate money for college?

Episode 978

Mike from Burbank, CA

There are sites that are dedicated to funding things, such as that he could try.

Mike actually already has the site created, and just wants to host a sitemap so that Google will be able to find and crawl his site faster. Leo says to look at Google's webmaster tools, which explains how Google creates their search results. He can create his site map in an XML file and then submit that to Google. Godaddy has probably already stored it somewhere for him and he just needs to provide that link to Google.

How can I improve my search results through Search Engine Optimization?

Episode 918

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that SEO is snake oil, in his opinion, and it's a scam that is used to bilk people out of money. It even could get him delisted from Google, which means he may as well not exist. He could buy an adword from google and his result will show up at the top of the list, but it's not cheap. Google uses page rankings, and the only real way to get a successful return is to get other pages to link to you.

Is there a good way to do search engine optimization (SEO)?

Episode 911

Brian from Simi Valley, CA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be risky, because if he goes about it the wrong way, he could get banned by Google. There are, however, key things to do to improve his results. The first 1500 characters of his page should have everything about him. Read up on Google's document on SEO. There's also an article on BuzzFeed on Human Curation and SEO.