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Should I Use an SEO Company?


Episode 1819

Dave from Temecula, CA

Dave has a business and he wants to know if it's worth doing SEO to get better search results on Google. Seems like snake oil. Leo says that there are legitimate SEO companies. But there's a lot of snake oil there, as well. A LOT. And an overly aggressive SEO could actually cause Google to delist him. SO if they make nonorganic suggestions that could "game the system," run away!

Why Does Google Return Results for Spam When Searching for My Website?


Episode 1775

Louis from Phoenix, AZ

Louis thinks his website may have been hijacked. Every time he searches for his website, he gets results that include viagra websites and others. Leo says his site has been hacked, and he's not using the SSH encryption code required by Google. He suspects that his web host, GoDaddy, has a bug in its service. Lou's DNS record has probably also been modified. Leo suggests changing his WebHost password to lock out the hacker. 

How can I get better search results for my website?

Episode 1439

Dennis from Houston, TX

Dennis has a website and he wants it to be high in the search rankings. How does he do it? Leo says to avoid search engine optimization services that promise high results. Leo says it's snake oil. Google has a site called Google Webmasters, which will teach him how to organically get high rankings through good content that is constantly fresh. He should be wary of anyone who promises too much. If they attempt to game the system, he could get delisted by Google. So he should start with Google Webmasters.