SD cards

Why can't my camera read my SD cards?

Pentax istD

Episode 1367

Evelyn from Kenai Peninsula, AL

Evelyn fears she's broken her camera because her SD cards can't be read. Leo suspects that she pulled out the card while it was writing and it damaged the reader in the camera. She may be able to reset the camera, which she can find information for in the manual. That could bring it back to default settings, which could solve the problem. She could also download the firmware for the camera and reflash it.

Can I play movies from an SD card on my Blu-ray player?

SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Media Drive

Episode 1347

Jim from Maryland

Jim has all his movies backed up on his network. He'd like to use an SD card to plug in and watch that way. Leo says he can, but he'll have to be sure it's in a specific format by the Blu-ray player, so check he should check his manual. If he's wanting it for travel, he should check out the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive. Its designed to connect to a smartphone and then he can stream to the TV via DNLA. It has a 10 hour battery life too, which is great for a road trip.

How many SD cards do I need to take pictures on my trip?

Episode 1210

Tracy from California

Tracy is going on a backpack trip in France and Spain soon and she wants to know what size memory cards and how many of them she should bring for taking pictures. Leo says that he's often torn between the convenience of one large card and the security of several smaller ones. But Leo says having enough cards so she doesn't have to erase them is a good idea. If her camera can upload images to her phone for a backup, so much the better. The key, though, is to swap out cards often and offload them to a computer or the cloud. Leo doesn't delete the images off his card either.

How can I recover data from my phone's SD card?

SD Card

Episode 1125

Paul from San Bernadino, CA

Paul has an LG G3, took his memory card out, put it on another phone, and now it won't mount. Leo says it's probably a format that isn't read because the other phone is older. Now he can't get the data because the older phone damaged the card. Leo says that he can get a program that can read it called Recuva which is free. That should be able to get the data off. PC Inspector will also do it.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1122

Today's photo topic is memory cards. Which cards should you buy and do you need the fastest ones? Chris says there's no difference anymore between Compact Flash cards and SD cards performance wise. And the prices have come down. For regular everyday photography, speed doesn't really matter. Video though, a class 10 is a good speed. And they're not that expensive. Chris also treats cards like film. Once they're full, he replaces them like he replaces film. That way he's always using a new card. And then they serve as a backup once he's moved them onto the computer.

How can I move my apps to my SD card in Android?

Episode 1106

Jason from Cooper, TX

Jason has an Android tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and he's trying to know how to move his apps to his SD card. Leo says that in the latest version of Android, You can't install apps onto your SD card anymore, mostly for reliability and security. Also, SD cards are slower than the internal drive. That's why Leo recommends buying a phone with more storage and just use the SD card for data storage. And these days, a lot of phones no longer have SD cards anymore. And the reality is, as more of our data goes up to the cloud, local storage really isn't an issue anymore.