screen repair

How can I repair my iPhone screen properly?

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Episode 1297

Sandra from Corona, CA

Sandra dropped her mobile phone and had the screen fixed at Staples. Now Siri doesn't work, and neither does the speaker. Leo says that the problem with third party repair sites. Leo says that Apple's attitude takes away our right to repair and it's hard for third parties to learn how to repair the phone properly. Had she brought it back to Apple, it would have been either repaired or replaced properly. At this point, her only option is to bring it back to Staples until it gets fixed properly.

How can I get my foreign phone fixed?

Episode 1096

Noah from Orange County, CA

Noah got a mobile phone as a gift and now he's broken it. It's the Souq XTouch X1 from overseas and nobody can fix it. Leo says Souq is just starting to sell it here in the US. The problem with sending it overseas for repair is that it'll take forever and he'll have to pay customs fees. And that's if he gets it back. It's probably going to be cheaper to buy a new phone.

Can I repair my laptop screen?

Episode 1035

Kimberly from Maui, HI

Kimberly broke the screen on her high-end Dell, and the fix for it is about $490. Leo says that is an expensive price. Kim could just hook an external screen to it and use it as a desktop. She could also hook it up to a TV screen if she was traveling. It seems like a lot of money just to fix a screen. Leo says a third party laptop repair could save Kim some money. Dell is definitely over charging her.