Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson and the Hip Dac

Episode 1681

Scott joins Leo to talk about digital analog converters in mobile phones. Leo says some phones have good DACs, like LG, while others don't, like the iPhone. But Scott says a company called iFi has a new DAC called the HipDac, which also works as an amp. You plug it into the lightning port of an iPhone or USB-C for Android. Scott says the audio quality of the iFi is fantastic. Very liquidy smooth sound. It also has it's own 2200 mAh battery so it doesn't drain your phone. You can also plug it straight into your computer for power.

Scott Wilkinson ... Throttled

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1679

During this period of social distancing, everyone is streaming. As such, Netflix has had to lower the resolution quality of streaming down to SD in Europe in order to handle the load. That's a significant degradation if you have a 4K TV. Will it happen here? Scott wouldn't be surprised if it does. As more people shelter in place, they'll be watching more, and streaming more. Coupled with working at home, kids having virtual classes online, internet traffic is going way up. Leo says one way around this is to cache content. 

Scott Wilkinson ... Can you Tell the Difference?

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1673

Scott says that TV makers are leading the way to 8K TVs now. But the question is, can the human eye even see the difference between 4K and 8K? Scott says probably not. In fact, Warner Brothers tested 130 people and found that most people either couldn't tell the difference or found 8K TVs only slightly better. And some judged 4K better than 8K. But that could actually be a blind guess. People with 2010 vision sitting 5' from the screen could see the difference, but only slightly. So Scott says we've reached the limit of how the human eye can see the resolution. 

Scott Wilkinson ... Professionally Retreated

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1671

Scott Wilkinson joins Leo to talk about the HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs. 500 Hollywood professionals from directors to cameramen, to post-production people. All talking about new techniques in moving making. One was making a short film in a single day. Scott says that while shooting the demonstration film was the near real-time upload of every shot scene to the cloud for editing in post. Using proxies.  Proxies enable you to create an "edit decision list" that can then be applied to the higher resolution footage to create the final cut.

Scott Wilkinson ... up in smoke

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1669

Scott Wilkinson joins Leo to talk about one of the last vinyl record manufacturers, Apollo, being destroyed by fire. Apollo was responsible for making 74% of the lacquer masters that are used to create master vinyl recorders. Is this a big deal? Scott says that the sale of vinyl records has been rising every year for the last four or five years, and with a loss of this vinyl factory, it could mean that the cost of vinyl will go up dramatically. Can it be rebuilt? Maybe, but it'll be very difficult.

Scott Wilkinson and the Super Stream

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1665

Scott Wilkinson joins Leo to talk about the Super Bowl and how he usually just watches the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. But this year, he's interested in the game because of the 4K HDR streaming options you can enjoy. Leo says it's through the Roku Ultra and the FoxSports app. It'll also be broadcast in 60p. So 4K 60p and HDR. But it almost didn't happen, as Fox Sports and Roku had to sign a last-minute deal to enable it to happen. But Roku isn't the only option. Amazon Fire enabled sticks and TVs will also be able to do it.

Scott Wilkinson ... in a different space

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1661

Scott joins Leo to talk about 360 reality audio, launched by Sony. Scott says SONY goes so far as to take the shape of the human ear into consideration when designing spatial audio, to make the experience more lifelike and Scott says it works best with Sony headphones. The challenge, though, is that there is a lack of content, as mixing must be done to create the spatial separation of each track in the audio experience. 

Scott Wilkinson ... CES 2020 Pregame

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1657

CES begins next week and Scott joins Leo for the 16th straight year to talk about what we can expect to see. In fact, they met at CES during the first week of the Tech Guy 16 years ago. What can we expect? Scott says we'll see more 8K displays, which Leo says is rather silly. Just how realistic do we need TVs to get to real life? Scott says that while resolution is one consideration, there is a greater sense of depth, thanks to HDR and video processing. So the depth of field looks more realistic. Upscaling will look much better as well, like going from HD to 8K. Or 4K to 8K.