Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson ... a few more last minute Black Friday deals

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1847

Scott is back with a few more last-minute Black Friday deals that are still available through Cyber Monday over at Amazon:

Amazon 4K Firestick .... $25

Amazon Fire Cube ... $80 (33% off)

Roku 4K streaming stick .... $29

4K BluRay players are also on sale, although physical media is on its way out. But Scott says that discs are still the best possible quality, and so getting that last Bluray player may be worth it. The Sony X700M and X800M are 40% off. 

There's also the LG C1 OLED that's currently on sale for about 40% off.

Scott Wilkinson and Black November

Black November

Episode 1843

Scott joins Leo to talk about "Black Friday" deals, or what is rapidly becoming Black November, with deals all month long. Now is a great time to buy a new TV. No longer is this time of year designed to dump last year's model. Sort of. Right now is the time to get the latest models, because the new models will be coming out in January. One thing to beware is the $100 TVs. Those are likely 720p models.

Scott Wilkinson and the Engine Speaker

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1841

Scott joins Leo to talk about Audio Engine's latest computer speakers. He wanted to review them because the small form factor provides a large punch of sound. The Woofers are very small at 2.5", which provides as low as 65 Hz or bass. Not subwoofer territory mind you, but not too shabby. Super clean and super clear sound quality. Not a lot of bass, mind you, but still, you can also get a subwoofer for them. Leo agrees, saying speakers from Audio Engine sound really good and he's a fan. 

They also have a digital audio converter (DAC) built-in, giving users a USB option. 

Scott Wilkinson and Dune

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1839

Scott Wilkinson went to see Dune this week, a remake of the 80s David Lynch cult classic. It's actually based on Frank Herbert's novel that many said was unfilmable. Leo says he was prepared to hate it, but he loved it. He saw it at home on HBO Max, but Scott says you should see it in theaters. Especially IMAX. It looked and sounded incredible. There is a change in aspect ratio, but it didn't bother him. It was visually brilliant, and the soundtrack was fantastic. 

Scott Wilkinson ... Over the Top


Episode 1837

Scott got an email this week from a listener who wants to know what's the best way to get over the top streaming? Scott says the best is to use a third-party streaming box like the Roku, AppleTV, or the NVidia Shield. And if you're into gaming, the Shield is the best option for streaming your gameplay.  If you're an Apple person, it's probably best to stay in that ecosystem and stick with the AppleTV.  There's also FireTV, but it's very Amazon-centric and you get a lot of Amazon ads being promoted. 

Scott Wilkinson ... a firm Foundation

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1831

Scott watched the first two episodes of FOUNDATION on AppleTV+ this week. Scott says the basic overall concept of the story is the same, but they're taking a lot of artistic liberty with the story and characters. But the look of Foundation is spectacular. Images are in HDR and are just stunning.  By contrast, though, the sound is pretty poorly mixed. The dialogue is hard to understand. 

Scott Wilkinson and the Big Event

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1829

This week was the annual Value Electronics Great TV Shoot Out. Scott says that all the flagship models were put side by side in a darkened room, along with a professional "reference" monitor for comparison. They were all calibrated the same as well. Commercial and custom content was shown, as well as test patterns. Then, professionals were invited to come and give their impressions on which one was best. There were both 4K and 8K categories, as well as a projection category this year. 

Here's are the top three from each category: