City of LA to Allow Scooters on Streets, But ...

 Los Angeles

Episode 1577

The City of Los Angeles will now allow rented scooters on the streets, but there's a catch. The scooter rental companies must transmit location data to the city within 24 hours to ensure code compliance. As one can imagine, there is a privacy issue and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other privacy groups are getting involved. Leo says that the data would be anonymized, so it won't point to any specific person. Companies also have the option of saying no to the data, but they would have only 3,000 scooters.

Sam Abuelsamid on Car Tech

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1559

Sam says that shared scooters are popping up all over the city, but he says we don't know what shape they are in, or if they have enough juice to get us where we need to go. They are a good alternative when you have to get somewhere within 10-12 blocks, though. The problem, however, is that those shared scooters don't come with protective headgear.