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How Can I Share Photos With the Family?

FastFoto FF-640

Episode 1824

Bruce from Hisperia, CA

Bruce has inherited a bunch of family photos, and he recently scanned nearly 1000 of them on his new Epson FastFoto. They're on his hard drive. So now what? He put many on a Flicker account, but there are limitations. He can't do "nesting," for instance. Leo says that photo printing sites, like Shutterfly, can send a main link and let anyone who has the link order a print. It's free, and you can store an unlimited number of photos. You can also tag them in the EXIF information of the image. That way, they can get any print they want, and you don't have to deal with being the middle man.

How Do I Connect My Epson FastFoto Scanner to WiFi?


Episode 1813

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul got an Epson FastFoto scanner as a gift, and now he can scan all the images that he has in photo albums. But when he connects it, it wants a WPS security connection. Leo says while WPS is terrible, it was the way to connect at the time, with a simple touch of a button. But nowadays, Leo wouldn't use it, and there are other ways to configure WiFi through the Epson software. Users may have to connect the printer via USB to their PC just to configure it with the WiFi password. After that, they can disconnect the USB cable.

What's the Best Way to Scan Thousands of Photographs?

Epson Printer / Scanner

Episode 1803

Skylar from Cooper City, FL

Skylar is doing a scanning project with thousands of photos to digitize them for the family. Leo says that the Epson Fast Foto wireless scanner is ideal for it. It has a sheet feeder that can feed each photograph into the scanner and digitize them quickly. It also has software for color correcting. But it's not cheap. But you pay for the speed. Or you can use an easel and a DSLR and shoot them that way. What resolution should he scan at? Chris Marquardt says 300 DPI is good for most photos unless you plan on blowing up the image, then 1200.

How can I save photos with the date it was taken?

EXIF Metadata

Episode 1742

Rich from West Palm Beach, FL

Rich has been scanning an archive of photos from the family history. He's used scanning services, a DIY with Epson Fast Foto, Flatbed scanners. The works. But in the last six months, he's organized the photos and then imported them into Photos. But he can't search by date. The dates have been linked according to the date it's been scanned. Leo says that Photos is using the File modification date. You can't really rely on that.

How an I add metadata to a scanned photo?


Episode 1686

Cody from California

Cody recently bought an Epson FastFoto to capture his old family photos. But how can he add metadata to it? Leo says that the EFF does scan the back of the photo as well, and can add that to metadata. But other than that, Cody will need to add that in software manually. One way around this is to upload all those photos to Google Photos and it will use both facial recognition and background data to determine who and where is in the picture. Irfanview is another good option for WIndows.

What photo scanner should I buy?

Epson FastFoto FF-640

Episode 1662

Michael from Detroit, MI

Michael is buying an all in one printer, and he's not going to do a lot of printing. He's doing more scanning of photographs. He's looking at sending the negatives and slides to a service. But it seems there are just too many models to choose from. What should he get? Leo recommends to check out Amazon reviews. They are always your friend. The Wirecutter is very good for recommendations, as is PC Magazine. The Epson Fast Photo (Epson is a sponsor of the TWiT Network) is expensive at $600, but if you have thousands of photos to scan, it's a good one to go with.

How can I scan my photos and videos?


Episode 1621

Steve from Chatsworth, CA

Steve wants to know a way to convert photos and videos into a DVD. Leo says that ScanCafe is a site that will send you a box and you fill it and then they will scan it all and return them with a DVD of your memories. It's not that cheap, but they will clean up your negatives and give you the best possible image. But you also have to be OK with mailing your photos and videos, trusting you'll get them back. If you're not, you can always just use a camera and an easel and take pictures of each image.

How can I scan old photos?

Epson Perfection Scanner

Episode 1186

Peter from Azusa, CA

Peter has been spring cleaning and he's got thousands of photos that he'd like to scan and digitize. Leo says that's a great project. But he'll have to be sure he has several backups. Print photos are tough and time consuming. He can get a scanner and do it, but after factoring in his time, it's better to just use a service like Scan CafeEpson Perfection Series. It may actually be faster and better to use a good still camera to shoot the photos.