Satellite Phones

How Can I Stay Connected During a Natural Disaster?


Episode 1634

Luke from Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Lou is from the Bahamas and he's looking for a way to stay connected after a natural disaster. Leo says Satellite Phones are a good option. They aren't cheap, but if he can rent them, he can stay connected when he needs it. But a more affordable thing to do is to become a ham radio operator. He can get a handheld device and become a part of the emergency action network. Then when he needs to make a call, have a ham route the radio through to a phone. That's both affordable and valuable when there's an emergency.

Is there a hybrid satellite/cell phone?

Iridium Company

Episode 1625

Dr. Bird from Laguna Nigel, CA

Dr. Bird wants to know if there's a hybrid digital/satellite phone that will use satellite when in remote areas, and regular cells when he's in town. The Marines use those. Leo says that there are three satellite companies including IRIDIUM, Inmarsat, and Globalstar. So you choose your network and then choose your phones. The Thuraya X5 is supposed to be the world's first hybrid phone that does both. It's Android.