Why Can't I Put an M.2 Drive in My Laptop?

Predator Helios

Episode 1796

John from San Clemente, CA

John recently added an M.2 drive and adapter to his daughter's computer, but the computer doesn't recognize it. Leo says it's probably not formatted. Go into the Windows installer, then Options, and select the disk partitioner. If he can't see it there, then there's a problem with it. The key is to get a SATA drive. He can get M.2 SATA drives, but he may as well use an SSD drive at that point. 

What happened to my computer hard drive?

Hard Drive

Episode 1352

Jennifer from Realto, CA

Jennifer gets a boot error when she turns on her computer. Leo says that it's likely that her hard drive has died. Leo says the good news is that hard drives are cheap to replace and really easy to install. Also, since Jennifer had upgraded to Windows 10, all she needs to do is download and install Windows 10 with the media creation tool and a thumb drive. A solid state drive would speed things up too. She should make sure to get one with the same kind of connector. It could be SATA or IDE, so she should bring the bad hard drive with her. This is why backing up is such a blessing.

Can I put an SSD in a Vista PC?

Episode 1059

Mike from Realto, CA

Mike has an older HP computer running Windows Vista. Can he put an SSD in it to speed it up? Leo says probably not. Older machines aren't fast enough to handle the speed of an SSD, which is rated for SATA 2. So unless the PC has a SATA 2 connector, Mike won't see any benefit at all. With the cost of an SSD, he would be better off getting a new computer. Of Course, he could also just upgrade to Windows 8 and get a boost that way.

Why isn't my SSD faster than my old hard drive?

Crucial SSD

Episode 1046

William from Mont Claire, VA

William bought a solid state drive and didn't really notice an improvement in speed. Leo says that SSDs are faster at reading data than spinning drives because there's no seek time. However, if the PC is older, the I/O bus may become the bottleneck. The SATA port needs to be at least SATA3 to take advantage of the SSD. He may need to get a better motherboard. The newer way to do it is to use a PCIExpress SSD and add a PCIe card. Then he would see a significant boost in performance.