Samsung Galaxy SIV

Should I get the Google Nexus 4 or the Samsung Galaxy SIV?

Google Nexus 4

Episode 980

Bob from Atlanta, GA

Bob has a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit entry level smartphone, and he's thinking about getting a Nexus 4 to replace it. He's wondering if he should he wait until the Key Lime Pie version comes out. Leo says no need to wait, Google will update it in due course. Leo likes the Nexus 4, and the only thing he doesn't like is the lack of removable battery.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy SIV vs the HTC One?

Episode 977

David from Manhattan Beach, CA

David is going to Google I/O for the first time and he's excited. He wants to know about the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says it's pretty fast, and he got the international version which is more powerful and fully unlocked. However, because it's more powerful, he loses out on getting LTE. He also likes that the Galaxy SIV can exchange batteries.

Leo's New Companion: The Samsung Galaxy SIV

Episode 976

Leo now has the Samsung Galaxy SIV, and one of the things that it has is a feature called "S Health," which aims to make the Galaxy SIV your "life companion." It'll automatically count steps, calories burned, and even your "comfort level." It really shows that smartphones are really the computers of the future as we get more mobile and wired. With their new ad, Samsung is really milking the generation gap, showing young kids using the Galaxy SIV's new feature, while the older, out of touch parents are using iPhones.

Should I switch to an Android phone?

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Episode 958

Greg from Mission Viejo, CA

Greg wishes that Apple would've gone with a larger screen and he's now thinking of getting rid of his iPhone in favor of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says that it probably won't be out until April at the earliest - it hasn't even been announced yet (March 15). Another option is the HTC One.

What about making the transition? Are there apps for podcasting? Leo says that there are great third party apps for podcasting - including DoggCatcher (Android) and InstaCast (iPhone). The chatroom recommends PocketCast (Android), Downcast (iOS).