Samsung Galaxy SIV

What pay as you go phone is good for Verizon?

Episode 1185

Mike from Indiana, PA

Mike's contract is up with Verizon and he's looking to get a new phone. He wants to buy his own phone and go month to month and get off the contract. Leo says that family plans are beneficial and he wonders why people just don't get together to get one. Leo says that the Droid Turbo is quite nice. The MotoX is a nice size. If you can still get a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, it's a great phone, and you may be able to get it free. Verizon also allows you to bring a phone to your pay as you go. The One Plus One may be able to work on Verizon.

How can I replace the network adapter in my PC?

Episode 1157

Ron from Hollywood, CA

Ron's Dell computer is having trouble connecting and he has a hunch the network adapter is dying. He's tried different software, but hasn't been able to get it to work. Leo says that the adapter is soldered to the motherboard and to fix that would require changing the motherboard. But he can buy a USB to Ethernet network connector for $12 from

Why can't I install a custom recovery mod on my Galaxy SIV?

Episode 1061

Grant from Los Angeles, CA

Grant rooted his Samsung Galaxy SIV AT&T Android phone and now he can't install a custom recovery mod. He got the information on how to do it through XDA-Developers forum. Leo says that Grant may have a locked boot loader that's causing the issue. Leo adds that Samsung's firmware prevents other custom firmware from being added. It's all of the Samsung junk that Grant wants to get rid of.

Why did the price go up on the Samsung Galaxy SIV from Sprint?

Episode 1049

Priscilla from Newberry, SC

Priscilla has a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G and she loved it, but it's broken and she needs a new phone. She hates Sprint, though. Leo says Sprint is horrible. But then again, they all are. Priscilla wants to get the Samsung Galaxy SIV, but the price on the phone went up by $50 recently, from $199 to $249. She wants to know who she would call about that, Sprint or Samsung. Leo says that since it's a subsidy issue, she would have to go to Sprint about that. They likely just changed their subsidy. Since Priscilla doesn't seem like a very happy Sprint user, Leo suggests looking into T-Mobile.

How can I delete pre-loaded apps on my Samsung Galaxy SIV? (Part 1)

Episode 1016

Tom from Ottawa, Canada

Tom recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIV Phone and he's got a ton of apps he can't delete. He hates it! Leo says that it's worse for Tom because Rogers loads apps on the phone as well. Leo says there's very little free space as a result, so he'll end up relying on his microSD card. However, the card is a "second class citizen" in that not all apps or widgets can be moved onto the card. If he roots it, he'll get 12GB of free space.

Should I get the Samsung Galaxy SIV or the Galaxy Note II?

Episode 992

Steve from Fulton, CA

Steve is ready to upgrade his Android handset and he's looking between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Leo says that the resolution on the Note (1200x800) is lower than the SIV, but it has a bigger battery. The SIV has a smaller screen, but at 1920x1080, the resolution is better. The SIV is more powerful, but the battery life is less than the Note. The camera on the SIV is excellent.

The Note III could be out any time now, though. Leo says that most will let him buy it, and if he doesn't like it, he'll have up to 2 weeks to return it.