Samsung Galaxy SIII

Can I hook up my Android phone to a bigger screen to use it like a desktop computer?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 912

Ed from Palmdale, CA

It is possible to do this. He might be able to attach a monitor using the USB port, or even an HDMI port if the phone has it. The Samsung Galaxy SIII supports HDMI. He would just need to get a USB to HDMI connector. He could also go into hotspot mode, that will turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then he can surf the net through a wireless connection on the phone. It would probably cost a bit more, but if it's all he has, it could be a good way to go.

Have you noticed that the Wi-Fi signal reception isn't as good on the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 912

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Leo says he noticed that as well. He's also noticed that he has to join networks more often, too. He can try rebooting the phone, but Leo suspects that the most recent Android update may be the issue and hopes that the upcoming Jelly Bean OS will solve the problem.

Steve also wants to know if he should run an antivirus on the Android. Leo says he used to run Lookout, but really doesn't anymore.

What simple smartphone would you recommend as an upgrade from a feature phone?

iPhone vs Galaxy S III

Episode 892

Sandy from Huntington Beach, CA

Generally, for most people, the iPhone is the right choice. Sandy was at a Verizon store, and they recommended she get a Lucid by LG. Leo says not to get that. It's a junky Android smartphone, and if she's going to get Android, she should look at the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One.

What smartphone with hotspot capability would you recommend?

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Episode 887

Jillian from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Jillian wants to replace her home phone line and home internet service with a smartphone that has a hotspot capability. She's also wondering if she should look for 4G.

Leo says it really depends on whether or not she's in a 4G area. It would be a mistake to get a 4G device if she doesn't have it, so she should check the coverage map.

For a phone, Leo recommends getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It has 4G, and has a hotspot functionality although she'll have to pay extra for that.

Would you recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Galaxy Note?

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Episode 886

Gary from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Leo was using the Galaxy Note as his primary phone until the Galaxy SIII came out. Leo thinks the Galaxy S III is the best phone out, with the HTC One being the closest runner up on the Android side. If he really wants a very large screen, the Note is still the way to go, but the Galaxy S III actually has the same resolution.

Will iPhone 5 Measure Up to the New Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Episode 879

We’re seeing a lot of rumors of a new, taller, iPhone 5. But what Leo’s more interested in is the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which boasts the same exact camera as the iPhone 4S. But it’s been slightly delayed because the the bluing on the back of the phone is slightly off and they have to correct that before shipping.

The Galaxy SIII is quad core, with great graphics, and near field communications (NFC) in its rather large battery. But Leo says the new hi-resolution screen has the same resolution as a 13″ Macbook Pro, which is a major selling point.