Samsung Galaxy SIII

Why won't my computer see my Galaxy S III as an external drive when plugged in via USB?

Galaxy S III

Episode 932

Alan from Melbourne, FL

Leo says that's by design. What he needs to do is put the phone into "disk mode," or "MTP mode" so that the computer will see it as a disk to mount. This should be in the settings. If it doesn't mount, try a different cable. If that doesn't do it, then there's something wrong and it could be hardware or software at this point. A driver may not be loading that the phone needs to broadcast that it's there. Resetting the phone will reload that. If that doesn't work, then take the phone back.

Why does my Samsung Galaxy S III keep rebooting during phone calls?

Episode 930

Suzanna from Los Angeles, CA

This can happen with a smartphone if it's a faulty unit. Leo advises taking it back to Verizon and asking for a new one. It's under warranty and Verizon should replace it for free. She was wondering if she should have gotten the warranty on it, but Leo says it should already be covered by a warranty. Purchasing anything additional would merely extend that warranty. So she should be able to get that phone replaced without having to purchase any additional warranty coverage.

Why won't the SD card in my old phone work in the Galaxy S III?

Episode 926

Larry from Clearwater, FL

Leo says that formatting that SD card is a good idea. Otherwise, a microSD card is about $25 for 8GB.

He's also having difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi with his Galaxy S III. Leo also says that Galaxy S IIIs have more trouble with WiFi these days and he thinks it's due to the phone being "promiscuous" with all the WiFi signals out there to the point it's getting confused. If he can't connect, he should take it back, because there might be a problem with that handset. He could try connecting on the 5Ghz band too.

Is the Blackberry 10 worth waiting for?

Episode 919

Austin from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says no. He's not even sure that Blackberry/RIM will be around long enough to even build it. RIM is going down and they're really on the clock for shutting down. If a keyboard is important, there are some good Android options out there with a sliding keyboard. But Leo recommends looking at the Samsung Galaxy SIII and get used to the virtual keyboard. It's large enough in size to get used to. Or perhaps the Galaxy Note 2.

When will Jelly Bean be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Episode 917

Mike from Orange County, CA

Leo says it's not in the US yet. Google decided to launch it in Europe first, but Leo has it and it's a much needed update. For some reason, Samsung has decided to wait. It may not be Samsung's fault, though. The carriers have a say in it as well and they may be contributing to why it's taking so long. Leo shares the frustration, but advises to wait instead of rooting the phone. It's coming.

Mike is wondering why Apple doesn't have this problem. It's because they just have the one phone, and one OS. They also have more clout and can get their way easier with the carriers.