Samsung Galaxy S III

Why won't Talkback on the Galaxy S III let me swipe through screens?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 931

Joe from Thomasville, GA

Talkback is a feature that provides spoken feedback to help blind and low-vision users. It will describe what is touched, selected, and activated. Leo tried turning this feature on with his phone, and says it does impact performance a little bit. Leo says if it doesn't work, and it's supposed to work, Joe should take it to Verizon and tell them he needs this to work properly. They should fix it, or replace the phone if it's something specific to his phone.

How can I save app data from Audible to my Android phone's SD card? (Part 1)


Episode 897

Paul from Essex, England

Some apps can save data to the SD card and some can't. It has to be built into the app in order to do it, but most apps don't have that capability. According to the chatroom there are ways to move apps, but Leo doesn't recommend it because that doesn't solve the issue of where the data goes.

Doctor Mom says that she can do this with her Galaxy S III. She copied her audio books to her SD card and Audible automatically saw it. It can't be done within the app, and he would have to create an Audible folder, but it's doable. He should just use the same nomenclature.

Is there any way to get an iPhone on the US Cellular network?


Episode 896

Estin from Kansas

Estin has a friend who lives in a rural area and cell service is spotty at best. The only provider that has any coverage is US Cellular, and he is wondering if it's possible to get an unlocked iPhone for use on that network. Leo says since that network is CDMA, it won't be possible to do it. If he was in a GSM carrier's area, he could get an unlocked iPhone, put in the SIM card for that carrier, and he could use the phone. But since CDMA phones don't take SIM cards, they need to be programmed for use with the carrier. It's not even possible to get an unlocked CDMA phone anyway.

Is it worth getting the Samsung Galaxy S III over the Galaxy S II?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 891

Robert from San Diego, CA

Yes, there is a significant difference between the two. The Samsung Galaxy S III is an LTE phone so if he's on Verizon or AT&T it'll have a faster data connection. Since he's on Sprint, the LTE won't make any difference in that respect. The Galaxy S III is much faster, has a bigger 4.8" screen with a higher resolution of 1280x800, and most importantly -- it comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version of Android, "Jelly Bean", just came out but no one will have that for awhile.