Samsung Galaxy Note

How can I roll back my Android launcher?

Samsung Note 8

Episode 1609

Jack from Stone Mountain, GA

Jack uses a Samsung Note Android phone and he used to be able to do a list view of all the running apps. But now it's changed to a tiny screenshot. How can he change it back? Leo says that Google changed the way to display it, and it's at the system levelĀ in their launcher, and so there may not be a way to roll that back. But since Jack has a Samsung phone, he can use the Samsung app called GOOD LOCK in the Samsung Store and you can change it back using the Task Changer feature.

How do I backup my Android phone and my old iPhone to a new iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Episode 1132

Doug from Sacramento, CA

Doug ordered a new iPhone 6 Plus. He has his old iPhone 4 backed up. He also has his Samsung phone backed up. He wants to restore the apps he had from his old iPhone, and his calendars and contacts from the Samsung, to the new iPhone 6 Plus.

Leo says backup the iPhone 4 to iTunes and restore it to his new iPhone. Then sync the contacts to Google and log into his Google account on the iPhone 6 Plus. It'll sync and his contacts and calendars will be there.

What Android Tablet should I buy? (Part 1)

Episode 1036

Dave from La Mesa, CA

Dave has upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now he's thinking about getting a tablet. Since he wants to replace a laptop, he's wondering about a 10" option. Leo says that Android tablets have caught up to the iPad and there's great options now. A Samsung Galaxy Note is a great choice. Try and avoid the temptation of buying a sub $100 Android tablet, though.

Would you recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Galaxy Note?

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Episode 886

Gary from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Leo was using the Galaxy Note as his primary phone until the Galaxy SIII came out. Leo thinks the Galaxy S III is the best phone out, with the HTC One being the closest runner up on the Android side. If he really wants a very large screen, the Note is still the way to go, but the Galaxy S III actually has the same resolution.