What Can I Use to Backup Personal Files From Work?

Second Copy

Episode 1842

Todd from Los Angeles, CA

Todd wants to know how to backup personal files on his work PC. Ideally, if there's an IT department, they'll have their own backup system to use. Or a managed service provider (MSP), who may have a set way to do it. But if not, it's on you to backup your data. To make a copy of things to work on at home, a good Thumb drive or portable external hard drive could do the job. But your IT policy may disable the USB ports as a security measure. Assuming you still have access and are allowed to, then a small USB drive is ideal. Leo likes the Samsung T7 Portable drive. $129 for 1TB.

Why Am I Only Getting Text Messages on My Mac?

Episode 1838

William from Santa Clarita, CA

William has a Samsung Phone and an Apple computer. He's having issues with his Mac getting his text messages, but his phone doesn't get them. Leo says that if you had an iPhone previously, the message could have been sent to your Apple ID account via Apple Messages instead of sending via SMS text messaging. So the people are texting you and selecting your email, which is in blue, because they may have an iPhone. The only place the email will show up is in Messages on your Mac.

Wait About 4 Years Before Upgrading Your Phone

While it is easy to get caught up in the hype for a new smartphone, you don't need to upgrade with each new model. Especially as these devices can get expensive. The latest iPhone announcement is a great example of updates many won't find necessary. It's probably appropriate to wait about 3-4 years before upgrading your phone. It's also better for the environment to not throw out all those old electronic parts so frequently, though there's at least a decent market for used phones these days.

Why Isn’t My Note 20 Updating?

Samsung Note 20

Episode 1830

Craig from Dallas, TX

Craig signed up for Mint Mobile (a sponsor of the TWiT Network) recently. But he hasn't gotten any security updates for his Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Leo says that you have to wait for the carriers to approve it. It goes Google - Samsung - the carriers. And often, there is a tug of war between the manufacturer and the carrier over who pays for the bandwidth to manage the update. It's possible that Mint Mobile is blocking the update. That would be a problem, but it could also be Samsung.

How Do I Clean Up My Old Phone & Transfer Data to My New Phone?


Episode 1829

Randy from Sumner, WA

Randy wants to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S21. But when he transfers the data from his other phone, he has GB of "other" data. How can he get rid of that before he transfers the data? Leo says that other data are cached, or temp files. And they shouldn't transfer when he copies the data over. Look for Samsung's Device Care app It'll allow him to clear out a lot of that stuff.

Why Is the Volume on My Android Devices so Low?

Samsung Adapt Sound

Episode 1807

Dave from Greenville, MI

Dave bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and the volume isn't all that loud. Same with his phone. Leo says to look in the settings. Most headphone volumes have built-in limits to prevent damage to your hearing. But they can be overridden in your device's operating settings. There are also third-party equalizer apps that could help. But Samsung also has a feature called Adapt Sound which can help you dial in your sound according to your hearing preference.

How Do I Use My New Tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Episode 1798

Kyle from Carson, CA

Sam recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, but he doesn't know how to turn it on. Leo says first thing is to make sure the tablet gets charged up. It'll take a few hours. Then on the edge of the tablet will be a power button. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until the logo appears. That will turn it on. There will also be a rocker button for volume control. It should also have a stylus.