What's the best browser for the Mac?

Google Chrome

Episode 1123

Jay from North Carolina

Jay wants to know what browser Leo uses on the Mac. Leo says that Chrome is what he uses 90% of the time, although Safari is very good. Leo prefers Chrome because Flash is sandboxed within the tab, so it doesn't crash the browser when it goes down. He also says that since Chrome has Flash built in and Google updates it regularly so he doesn't have to install it separately. Sync is better in Chrome as well. Leo says Firefox is the third best, but he says it's gotten bloated over the last few years and has slowed down a lot.

How can I get Safari to stop crashing on my iPad?

Apple iPad

Episode 1110

Eleanor from Pasadena, CA

Eleanor has a 1st generation iPad and she doesn't use it for anything other than email and browsing the web. But Safari is constantly crashing on her. Leo says that since it's over 4 years old now, it's a good idea to just start over. She should sync it up to iTunes, back up and then restore it. But it may be that today's websites are just too hard on its limited power and memory. It's worth trying the reset, though.

Why can't I log into my iPad?

Episode 1101

Brad from Oak Park, CA

Brad has an iPad and he can't log onto it. He clicked on something he shouldn't have and now he's afraid it's been hacked. Leo says the iPad is very secure and he can't really get hacked on it. Leo says it sounds like Brad simply isn't typing it right, if the password works for his wife, but not him. He should check his caps lock. The browser cache may be damaged as well. But the good news is, he can reset it. He should go into Safari, press the "plus" button and select "Private" in the lower left hand corner. He should try logging in there.

How can I speed up my computer while I'm online?

Episode 1062

Jack from Liverpool, UK

Jack wants to know if an SSD will make his MacBook Pro perform better. He's noticed that it takes longer to open websites. Leo says it absolutely will. SSDs are very fast and it's likely that Jack's regular hard drive is starting to fail. So now is the right time to make a change. The other thing to do is reset Safari, which will clear out the cache, cookies, and website history. He should also remove his extensions. That can slow things down as well.

How can I reset my Safari browser after getting locked up by a pop up?

Reset Safari

Episode 1055

Marshall from Albequerque, NM

Marshall was on the LA Weekly music blog and it locked up Safari. Leo says being on a Mac, it's unlikely to be a browser hijack. Marshall says he can't even reset it, though. So he force quit and went back to the site and it's still the same. This was probably trying to install a Windows program on his Mac, because these attacks don't target Macs.

The chatroom is saying to hold down Shift while opening Safari. That will keep it from opening the previous session, which had the site that was causing him problems. He should still reset his Safari browser from the menu, though.

How can I change the default search engine in Safari on the Mac? (Part 2)

Episode 1009

Jeff from Salem, WA

Jeff wants to change the default search engine to something other than Yahoo, Bing or Google. He can choose between those three in the Safari preferences, but to use a different one, he'll need to install an extension with a bit of a hack. The Chatroom says plugins like GLIMS will work. There's a Duck Duck Go DDG extension, but Leo advises to be cautious about how he alters his browser settings. That's how exploits happen.

How do I change the language in my Safari browser back to English?

Episode 925

Burt from Honolulu, HI

Burt is having problems with his browser displaying the wrong language. This happens on his work computer too. Leo says that websites are automatically adapting to the location of the browser.

First he should make sure he's going to instead of some other international domain. He also should go into the system preference pane and make sure that it's set for English under 'Language'. He should also set his region for the U.S. Next he can try to "reset Safari" in the menu bar.