How can I accurately count my podcast downloads?

Episode 1006

David from Ithaca, NY

David has a podcast and he's having a challenge getting the right download numbers from his RSS feed. Leo says that he uses Podtrac's free podcast counting tool which will enable him to count the number of times the podcast gets downloaded. He would just need to add a redirect so it goes though Podtrac to count it and deduplicate the times it's downloaded more than once from the same IP. Then he can get a free report. Google Analytics is also helpful.

Why does iTunes only show the 7 or 8 most recent episodes of podcasts?


Episode 896

Lorenzo from New Jersey

If he's downloaded the shows, they should all be there. If he's talking about undownloaded episodes, TWiT only lists the most recent 10. This is because the RSS text file that iTunes pulls that information from would become unmanageably large. It would take up a considerable amount of bandwidth. Very few podcasts list all of their episodes. The RSS feed is meant to just be the most recent shows. All of TWiT's shows are kept at