Should I get the Samsung Galaxy Note III?

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Episode 1021

Doug from York, PA

Doug wants to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Leo has it, and he's a true fan. It has a gorgeous high resolution screen. Leo says that while it's nice looking, the faux leather back is kind of odd. That's Samsung in a nutshell - it does strange things to differentiate itself. Leo also likes the stylus of the Note 3. It's ideal for the multi pressure screen. Doug is frustrated though because nobody is offering a 64GB version in the US, it's only overseas. Leo says it's not uncommon, but he doesn't understand it.

How do I speed up my Android tablet?

Episode 1017

Ben from Santa Ana, CA

Ben has noticed that his Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is slowing down. Leo says that reports are that the flash memory in it was cheap and it just slows down in time. It's called "garbage collection." Google fixed it with Android 4.3 (JellyBean), but most tablets don't have it yet. He could root the tablet and put a 4.3 ROM on it. Then he can use LagFix (ftrim) to fix it.

What would be the best smartphone for a Linux geek?

Google Nexus 4

Episode 1002

Robert from Charleston, SC

Robert is a geek and is looking for a smartphone. Leo says there is no "best phone" out there, and it really depends on how he plans to use it. Leo says that the Nokia 1020 has the best camera with 41mp, but it's a fairly entry level smartphone in terms of the operating system. Since Robert is into Linux, the Android platform may be more attractive, particularly the Google Nexus 4, which he can root and put different flavors of Android on it.

Why does my Android phone keep dropping 4G?

Motorola Razr

Episode 989

Matt from Indiana

Matt is a truck driver and he recently bought the Motorola Razr. He's been having a problem with his signal going from "blue to white". When it's blue, he says, he can do everything, and white means he can only make phone calls. Matt says he'll notice that it says "4G" in blue, but when he tries to use it, it turns white, and he can't use data. He's been to Verizon several times and nothing has worked to fix it. He's even tried rooting it.