How can I reset my Android phone?

Episode 1236

Phillip from Anaheim, CA

Phillip has a Motorola Moto G through Cricket and he's been playing with his phone and put it into a Java runtime mode called ART. Leo says that's a fiddler. He'll have to go through a lot of hoops to go into developer mode and change that. Now he's getting a lot of error messages. Leo says he's done that on several Android devices and it sounds like it needs to be manually reset.

Can my phone support FM radio?

Episode 1231

Jason from Trinidad

Jason wants to know if modern phones can stream FM radio. Leo says that some have that feature, but it's not in hot demand in the US. So his phone may not have it if it's bought in the US. If he's buying them from an international vendor, he'll have a better chance of getting a phone that supports it. If the hardware supports it, then he could use a third party android app to do it. But not in an iPhone. He'll likely have to root his Android phone to run a separate ROM. Leo likes Cyanogen Mod.

How can I fix my text app after my Galaxy S4 update?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Episode 1192

Steve from Vista, CA

Steve's Samsung Galaxy S4 and the recent update has taken out a messaging feature he relies on. Leo says that often happens in an update. But it may also be something he can fix in the default applications menu. If that's not going to fix it, then Steve's only other option is to root his phone and put a custom OS like Cyanogen mod on it.

Can I install Android KitKat on a Nexus 6?

Episode 1185

Vladimir from Carlsbad, CA

Vladimir has a BMW i3 and wonders if he can integrate his smartphone with it. On his previous car, he had to manually enter all his contacts and it was tedious. Leo says that his car copied over his contacts so it was pretty easy. Vladimir got the numbers, but not the addresses, though. Leo says that Audi's do addresses. Vladimir used a phone with KitKat and it worked just fine, so that's a workaround. Leo says that's very odd. But at least he got the data in. But it sounds like maybe a Lollipop security feature prevented it from doing addresses.

How can I update my Nexus Player?

Google Nexus Player

Episode 1173

Abdiel from Rochester, NY

Abdiel is having trouble updating his Nexus Player to Android 5.1. He gets a red triangle error. Leo says that over the air updates require more storage because it will need to expand and install the update. So he may need to restore the player before he can update it. If that doesn't work, it's possible that the OTA download is bad. Google has released the 5.1 image for download, so he should try that. Abdiel will also need something called "Fast Boot" on his machine.

Should I root my new Galaxy Note 4?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Episode 1166

Carlos from Hemmit, CA

Carlos upgraded his Samsung Galaxy S5 from Sprint to the Galaxy Note 4 with Verizon. But it comes with a lot of stuff he doesn't like. Leo says that Carlos can root it, but that requires unlocking the boot loader which involves a risk of bricking the phone. Carriers don't like it because it's a workaround for how they want him to use the phone, like tethering at no cost.