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Why doesn't my 4K TV stream Netflix in 4K?

Roku Streaming Stick+

Episode 1493

Steve from California

Steve is frustrated with his Vizio 4K smart TV, which has a Netflix app, but it only supports 1080p and not 4K. Leo says that's because the TV is using an older version of the Netflix app. Leo recommends getting a Roku or Apple TV and then use the 4K version of the app, and it will stream in 4K. This is why Leo prefers so-called "dumb" TVs which don't have smart apps. He uses a Roku, which gets updated far more often and supports 4K apps.

How can I get a better signal to my Roku box?


Episode 1172

Archie from Hawthorne, CA

Archie has a Wi-Fi router and has connected his Roku, but he's not getting good enough reception and it buffers a lot. Leo says the farther the router is from the Roku, the less connection can be made. But Leo also suspects that the router isn't giving Archie as much bandwidth as he needs. It could be due to congestion.

If his router supports the 5 GHz band, it's a much better choice for streaming. He can also take the old router and put it in bridge mode and use it as a repeater to pass along the signal.

How can I stream old videos online?

Episode 1036

Justin from Burney, CA

Justin bought a Roku Box and has a bunch of movies and TV shows he bought on iTunes and wanted to stream them via Plex. Leo says that copy protection won't allow that, though. Justin says that's why he's buying discs again. He's wondering if he can rip them and stream them online? Leo says that once they're ripped, he could, but he'd have to have a media server and then log into it remotely. It's doable, as long as it's just for private use.

Why is my video streaming buffering so much on my Roku?

Episode 1035

Joanna from Marina Del Rey, CA

Joanna is having trouble with streaming video frequently stopping and downgrading in quality on her Roku. It's only about 6 feet away from her router, and she even hard wired it and still had trouble. Leo says that indicates an issue with her ISP. It doesn't help that 40% of all internet traffic after 6pm tends to be streaming video traffic. That can cause a lot of buffering since there's only so much bandwidth.

Why did the remote for my Roku have trouble connecting after replacing the batteries?

Episode 981

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom bought the Roku 3 so he can "cut the cord". Leo says that the Roku is a great option. The new thing is that it has a remote control that has a built in headphone jack so he can watch TV and not bother others. Tom says he uses it all the time but it recently had trouble connecting after the batteries died. He had to reset it and put it into "enhanced pairing mode" in order to get it done.

How could I create my own Roku channel?

Episode 979

David from Nova Scotia, CAN

David would like to stream his own video or audio live to his TV via the Roku Box. Leo says that Houdini7 in the chatroom has written an app that can stream Leo's Show, and David would have to write his own. He suspects that the app is mostly javascript and shouldn't be all that difficult to modify. People have done it all over the world as there are thousands of custom Roku Channels available.