How Do Robocallers Have All My Information?


Episode 1834

Ted from Crystal River, FL

Ted is not only tired of Robocalling, but he's concerned about everything that they know about him. Leo says that can be frightening, especially when criminals prey on older users who make them believe they're from Medicare. They take advantage of public information that can be found online and use it to suck you in. Some of it is also from security breaches that are then sold on the dark web. It's highly illegal. What Leo advises is to ask them for a number and you will call them back. Then call Medicare directly and ask. Chances are, you're not getting MediCare, but some scammers. 

How Can I Block Robocalls?


Episode 1833

John from Fallbrook, CA

John is being pestered by robocalls. How can he stop it? Leo says that until the FCC starts prosecuting, it's really a game of whack-a-mole. Most companies are offering to block for free now.  There are systems like RoboKiller and NoMoRobo but he has to run calls through them. It makes sense, but Leo isn't thrilled with it. They both have a "try before buy" as well.  Google Voice can do that as well. And the real problem is, that most of the calls are "spoofing" the caller ID, so people have no idea what the real phone number is to block it. 

How Can I Avoid Getting Junk Calls?


Episode 1831

Ken from Chicago, IL

Ken is thinking about using Google Voice, but he's concerned about privacy. Leo says that Google Voice adds a layer of privacy, as it gives a separate phone number and he can then reroute all calls from that number, to the personal number. And it also has voicemail and transcription of any messages left. It's a very good choice for privacy. And don't worry, Google can't listen in on calls. Another option is MySudo. It's an app that creates a phantom phone number that he can use.  But expect a lot of robocalls. 

How Can I Stop Spammers From Using My Number?


Episode 1762

Jimmy from Santa Barbara, CA

Jimmy woke up to dozens of text messages claiming that he's been calling and texting people non-stop. Leo says that his number has been "spoofed," and the only thing he can do is wait until the spoofers move on to a new number. It's called "Neighbor Spam," and it's being used to get people to answer a local call. Eventually, enough people will block the phone number, and then they will move on to yet another number. Unfortunately, there's not much else he can do. 

How Can I Stop Spam Texts?

Episode 1737

Anne from Bremerton, WA

Anne is having issues with people texting her for someone else. How can she stop it? Leo says it's likely that Anne got the number and people are still trying to contact the previous owner. But it could also just be SPAM, which has become an epidemic. UP to 80% of texts are spam. She can block the number, but that's like playing a game of wack-a-mole. But check with the carrier. Anne's is Comcast Xfinity, they have a robocall blocker called HiYa.

How can I stop robocalls?

Robo Calls

Episode 1722

Roger from North Hollywood, CA

Roger is getting phone calls saying that his car warranty is about to expire. Leo says that those Robo Calls are phishing scams designed to get you to buy something. Leo advises putting your phone number on the national DoNotCall list and see if your phone carrier offers a blocked call service to prevent them from calling you back. And if you have an iPhone, you can block the phone caller directly. But it's kinda like playing wackamole because most of them spoof their caller ID or just change the outgoing number.

Why is my phone not ringing?

iPhone 11

Episode 1637

Harold from West Covina, CA

Harold is on TMobile and he's noticing that many robocalls are going straight to voicemail. Leo says that could be a false positive from TMobile's spam calling feature that routes the call to voicemail without you knowing that the call even happened. Leo says that try disabling that feature on your phone and see what happens. You'll likely get a ton more robocalls though. But when Harold reboots his phone, it goes away. The chatroom suggests disabling WiFi calling. Sometimes that can cause it. But Leo suspects its a call screening feature of your carrier.

How can I Block Unwanted Calls on my Cell Phone?


Episode 1590

David from Anaheim, CA

David is tired of getting unwanted robocalls on his business number. How can he get rid of them? Leo says "welcome to the club!" since he can't really. He can block the number, sure, but after a short time, they use another number. So we just can't win. And blocks only really work when you're a residential customer. That's why Leo uses Google Voice for his number. That way it can get blocked at the Google level. The other option is an app like Burner to do it... or even Nomorobo.