What's the best way to have cellular while traveling overseas?

Skyroam Solis

Episode 1489

Edward from Corona, CA

Edward is traveling to Europe for six weeks and wants to know the best option for having cellular service. Leo says that laws in the EU recently changed and roaming is available across the entire EU. So one SIM will work in all countries. Leo recommends going over to It will have information about what the best cell provider is in every country and where to buy a SIM. He'll also need to have his phone unlocked to take a new SIM and he'll get a new number.

What's a good way to bring my cell phone on a trip to Europe?

Episode 1238

Luca from Vancouver, BC

Luca wants to know which cell carrier would be good for a trip through Eastern Europe. Leo says that the EU will require free roaming across borders in all the EU states by 2017, but until then, it's a mixed bag. Dueche Telecom probably supports it.

Here's a good resource: It will tell him all the carriers that support service in the countries he's traveling to. He should buy a SIM for the country he's visiting.

How can I get internet access in the Arctic?

SIM cards

Episode 1164

Wayne from Irvine, CA

Wayne is going to be out in the Arctic for three months and there's no internet access out there. There is a nearby community on an archipelago that has cellular service, however. Can he get cellular on the ship that will connect? Wayne also wants to know if Leo has heard of a company called KnowRoaming. It uses a sticker that changes the electronics of the SIM in the phone to avoid paying the international roaming fees.