How can I get old programs off my cable DVR?

Episode 1028

Joe from Austin, TX

Joe is going to be getting Google's 1GBps Internet access in Austin soon, and he wants to know what DVR he can use. Leo says that third party DVRs are getting harder to find, but TIVO is probably the best option. He wants to get his old programs off the old cable DVR, though. Leo says that the DVR is likely encrypted digitally, so he wouldn't be able to. He could, however, exploit the analog hole by using component cables. It'll be HD, but not digital.

How can I watch a ripped DVD on my tablet?

Episode 1005

Andy from Dusseldorph, Germany

Andy wants to put a DVD movie on a USB memory stick and plug it into an Android tablet to watch it. Leo says there's a few steps. First Leo says she'll have to rip the DVD to remove the copy protection. Handbrake and VLC Media Player work together and will do that in addition to encoding it to the proper format. MP4 is a good option. Once she has the movie ripped, she'll have to get it onto the tablet.

How can I rip DVDs and save them on my Macbook Air?

Episode 926

Josh from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says Josh would need to get a USB SuperDrive to read the DVD. Then, use a DVD ripping program called Handbrake and VLC Media Player. Both work together to rip and encode the DVD files to a format that will work on his Macbook Air. It works great for DVDs. Blu-rays though are much harder. Of course, Leo recommends doing this only for movies he already owns.

Why are my ripped DVDs playing fine on my PC, but not playing audio when I burn another disc?

Episode 910

Shelley from Agoura Hills, CA

Shelley is ripping her DVDs using WinX DVD Ripper. It plays fine on her PC, but when she burns it in Roxio, there's no audio. Leo says that her settings in Roxio is likely the issue. Leo advises burning in the MPEG2 format instead, with AC3 for audio. It needs to be in that format for the DVD to play correctly.