What should I look for in a VoIP telephone service?

Office telephone

Episode 1460

Noel from Huntington beach, CA

Noel wants to use Voice Over IP for his office telephones. What does he need to look for? Leo says that Latency is the key. The longer the latency, the more annoying the delay in a conversation. Dropped packets is another issue in VoIP. Is that due to not having enough bandwidth? Leo says no. Voice doesn't take up a lot of bandwidth. But in an office, it all adds up. Leo uses RingCentral in his office.

Wi-Fi can also mess up VoIP because it gives preference to data over voice.

How can I have two phone numbers ring a single phone?

Episode 1338

Aaron from Fresno, CA

Aaron has to carry around two phones and wants to know if Google Voice will allow him to use two numbers for a single phone. Leo says he can, but there are also some phones that will allow him to use two SIMs. Google Fi is a good option. He can also use phone services like RingCentral and Grasshopper. Those are pay services, though. Skype could be a good alternative. Leo just keeps using Google Voice. It gives him a lot of options.

How can I stop telemarketers?

Episode 1268

Alexander from Georgia

Dan has been getting a ton of telemarketing and robocalls lately. Is there a service that will filter them out so he doesn't have to deal with it? Leo says that Google Voice has great call screening and blocking utilities -- and it's free. Leo also says there's a new service called the Jolly Roger Telephone Company that has fun with telemarketers on your behalf.

Other options for screening calls include:

What kind of phone are you using at the brickhouse?

Episode 955

Sean from Ohio

Sean is interested in Leo's Ring Central Sound Point SIP IP670Sip phone. Leo says it's a fantastic phone and Ring Central is a great service for VOIP PBX service. If he wants to go open source, Leo says that Asterix is very powerful, open source, PBX software that will enable him to use landlines and cellphones to manage his own PBX phone system.