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How Can I Make Ring Tones for My iPhone?


Episode 1783

Angela from Nova Scotia, Canada

Angela has a Mac running Big Sur and an iPhone. She used to be able to get Ring Tones using an app called Ring Toner. But it doesn't work anymore with Big Sur. Leo says you can make your own ring tones with Garage Band. There's no need to use a third-party app to do it.  Garage Band is also available for the iPhone so that you can do it directly from your phone.

Is there a bug in the iPhone X's ringer?

Apple iPhone X

Episode 1437

Todd from New Jersey

Todd just got the iPhone X. He likes it. He doesn't even notice "the notch." Leo says you don't really notice it until you see a page that has a white background. Then it pops. And there are some apps that have to be updated to make room for it. David thinks there may be a bug though. When the screen is unlocked, the ring isn't very loud when he gets a call. Leo says that's probably a feature since he's already looking at the phone. So why would he need a loud ring?

How can I make ringtones in iTunes 12?

iTunes 12 ringtones

Episode 1151

Laxman from Arizona

Laxman has been trying to make new ringtones using iTunes, but they don't show up in iOS 6. Leo says that there was a problem in iOS 8 that it was deleting ringtones. But that's been fixed in the latest update, iOS 8.1.2. It's still possible to do ringtones in iTunes 12, but it's a long and involved process. He should check out this procedure sent by a member of the chatroom -

Where can I get free ring tones?

Episode 904

Sam from San Diego, CA

Ring tones are a multi-billion dollar business that Leo doesn't think should exist at all if the user already owns a song. iTunes used to convert songs to ring tones, but they took it out so they could sell ring tones. He can still create a ring tone using iTunes though. He could also create a ring tone in an Android phone through the settings on the music player, or through DoubleTwist.