RING Doorbell

Is There a Faster Video Doorbell than Ring?


Episode 1657

Rachel from Springfield, Illinois

Rachel has a RING doorbell, and she doesn't like the latency of it. Leo says the Hello Doorbell is always on, but the drawback is, that it uses a lot of bandwidth. But the benefit of the RING is that it's battery-powered, and as such, it works even in a power outage. She can also get multiple chimes for around the house. From Scooter X in the chatroom - https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028023571-Rapid-Ring-App-Information


Why won't my internet connected door lock work?

August Smart Lock

Episode 1435

Brian from Nashville, TN

Brian says that he's having issues with his internet connected door lock. It's connected to a ZigBee hub, and it's only 11 feet away from the door lock and the hub is hardwired to the router. The company's support told him he'll need to get a repeater. Leo says there are routers coming out now that have Zigbee built-in, which could be one solution to these problems. Ultimately the real solution is that these things won't be using ZigBee or Z-Wave, the devices will be talking to the Google Hub or Apple HomeKit.

Can I assign a ringtone to my Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Video Doorbell

Episode 1244

Greg from Conifer, CO

Greg has bought several Ring Video Doorbells for family. Leo says that Ring is a sponsor of the podcast and he really likes them. Greg says that the probolem is that his father is hard of hearing and the tones from the phones are hard to hear. Is there a way to adjust it? Leo says that is a flaw in the current design and he agrees that Ring should allow users to assign a sound they can hear and recognize.