Ring Central

Can I Tell When a Call is Being Forwarded?

Episode 1699

Fred from Frasier Park, CA

Fred wants to know if he can tell that a phone call is being forwarded to another number. Leo says not anymore. In the old days with physical switches, users could. But it's all digital now and automatic. In fact, most of it is done in software, so it's completely opaque to the caller. In fact, it's likely not done at the phone company level, but at a gateway to a VOIP network using something like Ring Central.

What's a good VOIP service for business?

Ring Central

Episode 1619

Vince from Venice Beach, CA

Vince has a business and wants to go VOIP with his telephone. How is Ring Central? Leo says he uses Ring Central, and it doesn't sound or look like a VOIP solution. The advantage with Ring Central is that all those features are done digitally through an app. So you can make and receive company calls using your smartphone. Leo's been using it for eight years and you'll save a ton of money over a regular POTS service.

What's the best VOIP PBX System?

Episode 991

Henry from Sun Valley, CA

Henry needs a PBX system. Leo recommends Ring Central. It's powerful, all online, and can handle dozens of employees with individual phones or routing to cellphones. Leo says he gets very good results. He'll just have to have sufficient internet to handle it.

What phones should he get? Leo says that PolyComs are great and they have a deal right now, but one get one free for up to 20 phones.