Ricoh Theta S

How can I edit myself out of a 360° video?

Ricoh Theta 360

Episode 1329

Doug from New York, NY

Doug is looking at the Ricoh Theta 360. Doug has the Theta and wonders if there's a better stitcher than Ricoh's. Leo says that he'll need a stitcher to put together the two fisheye images into a spherical presentation. But Doug wants to take himself out of the image. Leo says that's part of the fun of it! There's no real way he can remove himself from the image unless he goes with the 180 degree mode. Leo says he used to use the Theta but now he's into the Samsung VR 360 camera. It has a much higher resolution camera.

How can I take pictures from my perspective automatically while traveling?

Narrative Clip

Episode 1305

Ian from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ian would like to record himself during the day. He was thinking of using a used Google Glass. Leo says to be careful of that because Google Glass is tied to a Google account and he may end up not being able to use it. One solution is the Narrative Clip, which will record every 30 seconds and he'd wear it around his neck. He can find it at It has an 8MP camera and can record HD video. It costs $199.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1217

This week's gadget is the RICOH THETA S 360 degree camera. It has two 14 MP cameras, N/S, E/W and it shoots 1080p video. It's the size of a TV remote and after you shoot your video, it processes the video so you can see the entire 360 spectrum. Maximum recording time of video with the new model is 25 minutes using the 8GB of built in memory. It also does live streaming video. Supported by YouTube as well. Cost is $349, and will be available in November.