Why are my icons pixelated on my MacBook with Retina display?

Apple MacBook Pro

Episode 1255

Danny from Los Angeles, CA

Danny is having issues running Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 on his MacBook with Retina display. The icons look pixelated. Leo says that is a common issue with the Retina display when using an older version of an app. Apple deliberately makes the display larger and at half the resolution so he can see what he's looking at. He'll get the full resolution for videos and images, however.

What Mac should I buy?

MacBook Air

Episode 1143

Lynn from Santa Clarita, CA

Lynn is trying to decide what Mac laptop to buy. She can buy a used, tricked out MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Leo says that if someone is offering to install all her programs onto the laptop, that could be illegal unless he transfers ownership to Lynn. If he doesn't, then they won't work. Sounds like he's misleading her. Leo recommends going to the Apple store and looking at their refurbished laptops. They will be fully warrantied and he can still save some.

What's a good budget tablet for me?

Episode 1105

Sondra from San Diego, CA

Sondra needs two tablets. One for browsing and email for her husband, and one for more advanced options. Leo says that you have the choice of Windows, Android, and Apple's iOS. Leo says all three work just fine, but very careful about "deals" for under $100. That's a false economy because they're woefully underpowered. You're going to want to spend at least $250-300. Leo says that a detachable bluetooth keyboard will add another $100 to the price as well. So if you need that, you're looking at $400. Android is going to be the best option for that budget. The Google Nexus 10 16GB is $400.

Apple Prepares for October 22nd Event

Episode 1024

Invitations went out this week for another Apple Event on October 22nd, this time at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The larger venue usually points to several announcments, and Leo says it's likely that the 5th Generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 will be announced. Leo is skeptical that the Mini will get a Retina display this time around, even though it sorely needs one. What else could it have? A larger battery, and a more powerful processor. But if it doesn't have a Retina screen, will it be a flop?

Should I wait for the next MacBook Pro?

Macbook Pro with Retina display

Episode 972

Jim from Lawrenceville, GA

Jim is looking to buy a MacBook with Retina display laptop and wonders if he should wait until the new Haswell chip comes. Leo says that while he normally doesn't recommend waiting, since Jim is traveling, it may be a good idea to wait. Since Jim is looking to get a 13" model, it won't burn battery power as much, but Jim may be waiting awhile. So he should wait as long as he can and then decide. If it's taking too long, then just get it. It'll still run great.

First Impressions of iPad Mini

Episode 923

Leo picked up a black iPad Mini and he likes the size. He says that Apple chose the 4x3 aspect ratio, while competitors have chosen to go with 16x9 to better to accommodate video. The reason may be because it's the same aspect ratio as a sheet of paper which is better for reading books. Leo says he likes it better for that. Leo says he's probably going to take it on his trip instead of his regular sized iPad. There are a few negatives, however.

Invitations Have Been Sent Out for Apple's Next Announcement

Episode 919

In what has become the best kept secret that everyone knows, Apple has sent invitations for "a little more to show you." The "little" being the operative word that points strongly to the announcement of the iPad mini coming. 7.85" screen. iPad 2 specs. iOS 6 and Siri, more likely. Other than that, we're filling in the blanks. And the new Lightning connector. We're also expecting a new iMac, Mac Mini, and 13" Macbook Pro Retina. No retina for the iMac, though. Too big. Price points will probably be the same.