How can I get Safari to stop crashing on my iPad?

Apple iPad

Episode 1110

Eleanor from Pasadena, CA

Eleanor has a 1st generation iPad and she doesn't use it for anything other than email and browsing the web. But Safari is constantly crashing on her. Leo says that since it's over 4 years old now, it's a good idea to just start over. She should sync it up to iTunes, back up and then restore it. But it may be that today's websites are just too hard on its limited power and memory. It's worth trying the reset, though.

Is it better to restore from a backup or a drive image?

Hard drive

Episode 1109

Larry from Mill Valley, CA

Larry's computer started to crash, and he had to do a complete restore. He's wondering if he should do an Acronis True Image restore or just reinstall all the programs. Leo says that there's a difference between a drive image and a restore. A drive image will create an exact snapshot of the computer from that point in time. Restoring that image will wipe out everything in the process and take him back to the moment he made that image. He can do a restore and it'll just restore the computer configuration with software, data and settings from the last time he set a restore point.

How can I transfer my files from one laptop to another?

Episode 1070

Randy from Dallas, TX

Randy wants to transfer all the data from his old laptop to his new laptop. Leo says just transfer the data himself. He shouldn't use the transfer wizard or anything like Laplink. It's in his best interest to start over here. If he has a backup of his data, he can easily restore it. He can also get a USB key and transfer all of his data that way.

How can I get rid of malware?

Episode 964

David from Los Angeles, CA

David's computer runs Windows 7 Home Premium. Lately, he's getting a lot of failure messages. He ran MalwareBytes and has stopped malware that was running. Leo says that Malware Bytes may have taken out system files that the malware has attached it to. Leo suggests using the recovery discs that David can burn from his computer and then just start over. Back up the data, then restore from those recovery discs. That will format the drive and re-install Windows.

How can I get a system restore disc?

Episode 961

John from Southern California

John just bought a refurbished HP laptop on eBay. He wants to create a restore discs because they didn't come with any software. Leo says that usually the laptops come with an option to create restore discs. John says they don't have it. Leo says it's probably not a refurb, but a used laptop that the seller installed an OEM version of Windows Vista on. If he got no serial number or software, then chances are John has an illegal copy on the machine. Leo advises buying a legitimate upgrade copy of Windows and upgrading it to Windows 7. That way, he'd have a legitimate copy.

Why did my computer shut itself off and start up as if it were new?

Episode 898

Dean from Silverthorne, CO

Some computers when booting up will have a menu item pop up asking if the user wants to restore and start over. It has a hidden partition with Windows 7 that will put it back to factory settings. It usually wouldn't do this without repeated warnings. The other possibility is that his user account got messed up, or he accidentally logged into a generic account. But all user accounts are gone.

I'm afraid my old computer has malware on it. How can I restore the backup to a new computer without also restoring malware?

Episode 883

Tom from Agoura Hills, CA

Tom just bought the new Vizio All in One Desktop and wants to restore from the backup he made on a machine he suspects may be infected. Leo advises not putting the new computer on the network until he turns on Windows Firewall. The best thing to do is backup his data, take the old, potentially infected computer offline, then put the new computer online. He can install his applications, then run a virus scan on his external backup drive.