resetting your phone

What Can I Do if I’ve Been Hacked?


Episode 1820

Cindy from Hahira, GA

Cindy thinks her computer has been hacked by someone she knows. She sees the mouse move around on its own. Leo says if you've given someone physical access to your computer, then it's time to start over by backing up the data, then reformatting your hard drive. Then you can reinstall the operating system and start over. Leo also recommends resetting your phone if they had access to that as well. 

Did an iOS update break my phone?

iOS 13

Episode 1698

Beverly from Sierra Madre, CA

Beverly says that after the last iOS 13.4.1 update on her iPhone, she has to reboot her phone to run any app. Leo suspects that the update was corrupted when downloaded. He recommends backing up your phone and then wipe it and reset your phone. Connect the phone to your PC via USB and then use iTunes to run the encrypted backup and wipe it. Erase all the content and everything. See if that solves the problem. If it does, then you can restore that backup.

Why doesn't Siri work in Messages?

Apple Messages

Episode 1320

Steve from Canoga Park, CA

Steve updated his iPhone to iOS 9.3.5. Leo says it's important because it fixes the exploit that enables countries to spy on iPhone users. But now Siri isn't working for Steve. He gets an error that he can't understand: "Please Try Again." Leo says a dirty microphone can easily do that. If it's also an issue via Bluetooth, then it points to something else. It could be a bad update. He can still dictate messages, though. Leo says that's a Messages issue then. The only thing he can do is backup his phone and do a factory reset.