resetting browsers

Why is my browser crashing?

Episode 1426

Mike from Burbank, CA

Mike has a friend who's computer crashes when he goes to a specific website. It doesn't crash on any other site. Leo says it has to do with the content on that page that breaks the browser as it is. Leo advises resetting the browser to delete all the history, cookies, and cache. There's probably something in there that's causing the crash. Resetting the browser should fix it.

How can I get Internet Explorer to run again?

Episode 1273

Mike from Cypress, CA

Mike's browser, Internet Explorer, has stopped working. He can't get it to run. He tried to reset it, but that didn't work. Leo says it could be a plugin that's gone bad, or there's a bad file in the cache, so resetting the browser is always a good first step. After that, he may have to reinstall Internet Explorer. While he can't uninstall the program, he can uninstall the updates.

How can I reset Internet Explorer 11?

Episode 1030

Bill from Yucaipa, CA

Bill says that Internet Explorer 11 isn't working after updating to Windows 8.1, but Firefox works fine. Leo says he can reset Internet Explorer.

According to the chatroom, there is a known bug in the software. Open the internet control panel by pressing Windows Key + R and then type "Inetcpl.cpl". Then go to the advanced tab, delete the personal settings, and select "reset".