How can I get my crashed hard drive back?

Hard drive

Episode 1141

William from Dallas, TX

William and his Dad built their own computer together. Leo says that's a great project to do together! But his hard drive crashed. He rebooted it and now he can't do anything with the OS. Leo says that it's best to wait. Don't reset because that'll cause the hard drive to spew data across the disk. That could cause the hard drive to become corrupt. Fortunately, William has a backup. So Leo recommends doing a deep, low level format and reinstall Windows. He could try running SpinRite, but that won't solve the corruption of the file system.

How can I get Safari to stop crashing on my iPad?

Apple iPad

Episode 1110

Eleanor from Pasadena, CA

Eleanor has a 1st generation iPad and she doesn't use it for anything other than email and browsing the web. But Safari is constantly crashing on her. Leo says that since it's over 4 years old now, it's a good idea to just start over. She should sync it up to iTunes, back up and then restore it. But it may be that today's websites are just too hard on its limited power and memory. It's worth trying the reset, though.

How can I reset my Android tablet?

Episode 1064

Diane from Colfax, CA

Diane thought it would be a good idea to get an Android tablet along with her Android phone. So she bought a Google Nexus 7. She reset the tablet and now she has a black screen and she can't turn it off or get a live screen. Leo says that tablets are like any other computer and they can freeze up or crash. Leo recommends turning off the phone first. Once it turns off, let it sit for a bit and turn it back on.