Do I Need an iPhone to Set Up My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Episode 1835

Kent from Huntington Beach, CA

Kent wants to know if he can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone. Leo says not anymore. But he can set it up with a family member's iPhone. That's a helpful feature. But at the end of the day, he will need an iPhone to activate the watch. If he doesn't want an Apple Watch, then he should look at the Fitbit or Android Wear watch. There's also Garmin.

Do I Need a Microsoft Account to Run Windows 11?

windows 11

Episode 1835

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom hears that Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account. Leo says that's true. But what about for business? Leo says if he has an enterprise license, no. Leo says if he has individual computers, he'll need individual accounts. Just make a dummy account. They're free from Microsoft. Also, if he buys Windows 11 Pro, he can just use a local account, and not sign up.

If You Want Windows 11, Consider Replacing Your Old PC

Although Microsoft never really said that Windows 10 was the final version of Windows (explicitly), some people are confused that Windows 11 was recently announced. Regardless, the new operating system will presumably not run on many older computers due to certain requirements. You may even be able to run it virtually through a Mac! But if your current machine is over 5 years old, it's probably time to upgrade to a more modern device that can get along with Microsoft's fresh OS.