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Can I Replace My iPhone 6s Battery?

 iPhone 6S

Episode 1644

Charlie from Hanover, MA

Charlie says that his old iPhone 6S is losing battery life. Leo says that the phone is just plain old. The batteries of mobile phones usually handle about 500 complete charges. After that, they start to degrade quickly. Unfortunately, Apple's $39 battery replacement deal has passed, and as such, it'll cost over $100 to get it replaced. 

He bought a battery from Amazon, but the phone says it charges less. Leo says he might've bought a counterfeit battery from Amazon. Go to Apple. Pay the $100 and let the genius replace it. It's worth it. 

Can I buy a replacement battery for my laptop?

ASUS VivoBook

Episode 1613

Lori from West LA, California

Lori's friend has an Asus Vivobook computer that needs to have the battery replaced. But there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Leo says that the Right to Repair is a serious movement that computer companies are starting to resist, chiefly Apple. They make it harder to open up your computer and they won't even offer replacement parts. That's why there are bills to establish a right to repair law in several states.

Are there any less expensive, third party batteries I can get for my Dell laptop? (Part 1)

Episode 902

Fran from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that Fran needs to be careful trying to buy a third party battery. Lithium-Ion batteries are explosive, and will literally explode if overcharged. All Lithium-Ion batteries that are made well have circuitry to prevent them from being overcharged. So it's always safe to go with a reputable parts provider like Dell itself or a certified Dell parts provider, like