Should I repair or replace my MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro

Episode 1121

Jerry from Corona, CA

Jerry bought a MacBook Pro and the motherboard has gone bad. Is it worth taking to Apple to repair it? Leo says that Apple is the only place that can repair it. Is it worth it? Well, that depends. If it's not out of warranty, of course. But if it is, then he'll have to decide if the age of the laptop makes it worth laying down money to repair it when the cost may be as much as half or more what he paid for it. But if it's just out of warranty, then it probably is worth fixing.

Can I repair my laptop screen?

Episode 1035

Kimberly from Maui, HI

Kimberly broke the screen on her high-end Dell, and the fix for it is about $490. Leo says that is an expensive price. Kim could just hook an external screen to it and use it as a desktop. She could also hook it up to a TV screen if she was traveling. It seems like a lot of money just to fix a screen. Leo says a third party laptop repair could save Kim some money. Dell is definitely over charging her.

Should I fix my laptop or buy a new one?

Episode 1032

Jennifer from New Bedford, MA

Jennifer has an HP laptop and the screen is broken. She could just use an external monitor, but she wonders if she can replace the screen herself. Leo says she might be able to. He advises going to However, being a 4 year old computer, it may just be cheaper in the long run to get a new Windows 8 laptop. Since Jennifer has done it before, it may be easy for her to fix.

Why does my TV keep turning back on after I turn it off?


Episode 968

Lee from Colton, CA

Lee recently bought a Vizio 55" TV. However, frequently when he turns the TV off, it will either stay on or turn back on again. Leo says the TV probably senses the signal loss and then just stays on. It's perfectly normal and Leo suggests going into the TV menu settings to make sure it's set to turn off when the cable box goes off.