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Johnny Jet ... Busted in Hawaii

Johnny Jet

Episode 1821

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the Florida couple who got arrested for trying to use fake covid vaccination cards to enter into the state. In other news, while the vaccine is the best option for combatting Covid, you may still get it. That's what happened to his dad. But he's recovering. In other news, Johnny says that the New Haven airport is a good option to avoid flying into New York, now that they're taking larger planes like 737s. 

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1223

Johnny is joining us from Canada today and is talking about a new thing about FreeWiFi Networks to stay away from. Check out You can type in anywhere in the world and you'll get a list via Google Maps of risky local Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. But Leo says that since the site offers software to download, it could be a bit sketchy. When in doubt, when traveling, connect via VPN. It's the safest way.