remote controls

What's a good universal remote control?

Logitech Harmony Hub

Episode 1410

Hank from Los Angeles, CA

Hank uses a universal remote for his home theater system, but it's dying. He's looking for a high end and simple to program remote. Leo says that since Hank's gear is hidden, it makes it difficult to use an infrared remote. He'll have to use an RF remote instead. Leo recommends a Logitech Harmony Hub. it's $99 and it uses infrared to control everything, but he can connect to it via Bluetooth to make changes. It doesn't require line of site to him, just his gear.

How can I use a tablet as a remote control?

iRule Remote App on iPad

Episode 1396

Richard from San Rafael, CA

Richard would like to only have one remote control. He has a Harmony 1000, and it almost does the job, but it doesn't have a TV guide that can pop up. Is there a remote that can do that? Or can he use a tablet like an iPad? Scott says he'd have to have something in between that could take the Wi-Fi signal of his iPad and then transfer it into an IR signal.

How can I use one remote for my TV and sound bar?

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control

Episode 1396

Jim from San Clemente, CA

Jim wants to avoid having to use multiple remote controls. Will his cable box remote take over for the TV remote? Scott says it's all in the programming. He'll have to have the right code in there and sometimes it's trial and error to get it right.

Can he also have it control the sound bar? Scott says that could be a challenge. But if any remote can do it all, Scott recommends the Logitech Harmony remote.

Why won't my TV remote work anymore?

Peel Remote

Episode 1346

Hutch from Irvine, CA

Hutch has a really old TV and he's hooked up an antenna to it with a digital tuner. He's tried connecting his phone to it with the Peel remote system because it has a remote app, but now all he gets is snow. Leo says that it worked once and it sounds like it's forgotten what the remote code is. It could have changed the source or that it sent a code that won't allow him to access TV channels. Leo says the problem is in the setup.

What's a good touch screen remote control?

Logitech Harmony 650

Episode 1235

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Ellie wants to know what touch screen smart remote Scott likes. Scott says he's not a fan of touch screen remotes because you have to look down to find the touch button and the screen is bright which affects your vision as you return to watching the program. He prefers hard buttons. But Ellie has a sight issue. Scott says that there are remotes that have voice control out there. BlueMoo is interesting.

Do my home theater components all need to be the same brand?

Episode 1041

Mike from Santa Monica, CA

Mike wants to know if it's beneficial to buy a blu-ray and sound bar with the same manufacturer so he could use just one remote. Leo says that may be the one reason for buying from the same manufacturer. On the other hand, mixing and matching Blu-ray players and receivers doesn't hurt in any other respect. Often times, one of the remotes will work for all of the components anyway. He could also get his own universal remote like the Logitech Harmony.