remote access

How can I restore my desktop settings after remote access?

Episode 1237

Ian from Lakeview Terrace, CA

Ian installed Splashtop remote desktop to his PC so he could control it from his iPad. But now the icons are all spread out in a weird way. Leo says that's a resolution issue between his iPad and the desktop. It doesn't remember his layout, and it'll change it back and forth rather than present it as he set it up. Leo suggests going into the Windows Display settings and changing the resolution to a proper setting for both. But in Windows 10, there's actually two display menus, one for touch screen, the other for the laptop.

How can I access my desktop from my tablet?

Desktop computer

Episode 1153

Rob from Tarzana, CA

Rob's job keeps him on the road, and he wants access to his desktop PC at home via his laptop or iPad. What's a good option, and can he do it without adding an app? Leo says that he can do it in a browser, but it's better in an app.

Atlas Remote Access on the iPad works well, according to the chatroom. There's also TeamViewer. But he'll need to install something. Google Chrome Remote requires installing an extension, but if the hardware isn't locked down from browser extensions, that's an option.

Did my Mac get hacked?


Episode 1113

Kathleen from Yucca Valley, CA

Kathy thinks her Mac got hacked. She gave a support line remote access to her Mac and she's worried she got hacked. Leo says that if she didn't give them her credit card, chances are she's OK. But if she wants to be sure, she can download Little Snitch. It'll observe her computer activity and let her know if it does phone home or let someone remotely access it again. She should also turn on her software firewall.

Is there an inexpensive way I can access computers remotely? (Part 1)

Episode 1000

David from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

David has been doing talks on using social media and other computer issues to retired people and he needs a way to access their computers remotely when he gets a call from them asking questions. Leo says that Windows Remote Access is built in and that'll work.

There are other free programs, such as TeamViewer, which is free for certain things. LogMeIn also has a free option. Google+ Hangouts will allow him to share screens with them.

Is there a less expensive network monitoring utility for remote access?

Episode 910

Jason from Sunrise, Florida

Jason has started a computer repair business using remote access to fix computers. He needs a utility to monitor his network and he'd like a more affordable option. He was looking into OpManager, but it's expensive. Leo suggests looking into (Disclaimer: GoToAssist is an advertiser).