registry cleaners

Should I use CCleaner to keep my computer healthy?


Episode 1716

Bart from West LA, CA

Bart uses Piriform CCleaner. Leo says that there's a new warning out to avoid CCleaner. Leo says that Microsoft Defender is flagging CCleaner has unwanted software because it includes other apps as part of the download. None of which Leo recommends. It's always best to avoid software that comes with a separate installer that ads other apps you don't want. CCleaner has addressed that issue to make sure it's no longer flagged.

Should I use a registry cleaner?

Episode 1263

Mark from Escondido, CA

Mark uses a registry cleaner and wants to know what Leo thinks of using them. Leo says that a well designed OS shouldn't need one for maintenance, and a registry cleaner can create more problems than it can cure. He thinks that the promise of fixing the registry to improve performance is simply snake oil, and comes from the older days when Windows just wasn't that great at managing it's resources.

Should I use a service to speed up my computer?

Episode 1069

Hamit from Danbury, CT

Hamit keeps seeing commercials about speeding up computers using a registry cleaner and a service. Leo says that first, he doesn't need to pay someone to speed up his computer. He can easily do it himself. The best way to speed it up is to back up his data, format the hard drive and then reinstall and update Windows. He can use a registry cleaner, but often they are way too aggressive and will mess up Windows drastically. So he should just make a point to do spring cleaning once a year, and he'll keep his computer in good shape.