Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished laptop?

Dell Latitude

Episode 939

Alexander from Ontario, Canada

Alexander got some money for Christmas and is thinking about buying a refurbished Windows 7 laptop. Is that a good idea? Leo says yes, but only if he buys them from the manufacturer. It's usually best in case something goes wrong. Everyone is phasing out Windows 7, so now is the time to pull the trigger. Ideally, he would want a new one. Dell has great systems and he can check out their refurb page here.

Is there anything I can do for my Powerbook G4 that's not starting up?

Episode 908

Joanne from Ventura, CA

Unfortunately, Leo thinks this computer isn't worth fixing anymore. The problem is, to get someone at Apple to even look at it would cost $150-$200, which is more than what that computer would be worth. Leo suggests looking at getting a newer, used computer. Apple has a refurbished store where they sell Macs that are as good as new for several hundred dollars less. She also could look into a used or refurbished Mac Mini.

Is the Macbook Pro in a transitional period? Should I get an iPad instead?

Episode 892

Steve from Indianapolis, IN

Every computer is always in a transitional period, so that's just silly. An iPad will not edit RAW photo files, which Steve wants to do. So the MacBook Pro is a better choice.

Steve has been looking at the refurbished models which are a little cheaper, and there are some good deals there. Apple has a very good refurb store. He should make sure to buy from original manufacturer because then he'll get a full warranty on it too.