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What TV should I get for gaming?

Episode 1747

Steven from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Steven recently picked up an XBox X for gaming. He wants to play Fortnight in 4K at 120hz. What's a good TV for that? Leo says the TCL 6 Series is a good choice. Scott says that the HiSense H series will also give you a lot of bang for your buck. LG uses HDMI 2.1, which will future proof your gaming experience. So that may be a better choice. The downside is, most of LG's budget LCD TVs aren't that great. Get the OLED if you can afford it. The 65" LG OLED CX is around $1900 on Amazon. Nice TV.

What's a Good Gaming Monitor?


Episode 1721

Patricia from San Bernardino, CA

Christina is looking to get a huge gaming monitor for her nephew. HP or LG 24"? Leo says that it depends on how great an Aunt she wants to be. HP and LG both make videos that are curved and are very popular with gamers. Even some as large as 39". So it doesn't really matter which brand she gets.  24" is a little small, but if the kid likes that size, either would be fine. The key is what refresh rate it has, 120 Hz is good for gaming. And if it's listed as a gaming monitor, it will. And they aren't expensive at $175. The 29" LG is also very popular. $225

Why does TWiT look "cartoony" when I watch it on my HDTV?


Episode 885

Julie from Fresno, CA

This has to do with the response time of LCDs. Since slower response times can result in blurry motion, manufacturers have compensated for this by doubling the refresh rate. Normal TVs are 60 frames per second, but now manufacturers are selling TVs with 120hz or 240hz. This may help with motion blur, but it creates a strange plastic video effect. Some people refer to this as the "soap opera effect". The TV is still only getting 60 frames per second from the source, but the TV is doubling that with no extra information.