Is there a way to record live streaming sports online?

Episode 988

John from San Diego, CA

John is a sports fan and he wants to be able to record live streaming sports online. Leo says that the idea behind streaming is that they don't want people to record it. He could always view or download it from them at a later date. There is a company called Applian that does just that, however. He'll want the Applian Replay Media Capture. He should download the free trial to make sure it works.

What's the best mic for recording audio on my smartphone?

Episode 980

Jerry from Plymouth Lake, CT

Jerry is making instructional videos and wants the audio to come through his bluetooth headset while recording it so he can do wirelessly. Leo says that the Bluetooth earpiece profile is only phone quality and that's not what he'll want to record quality audio. Leo advises recording to the iPhone via a lapel mic that's plugged into it. Or, he could try a Wireless system like Audio Technica. It would work great as long as he doesn't get a lot of RF interference.

How can I record multiple channels of audio without the sync slipping after awhile?

Zoom H4

Episode 959

David from Toronto, Canda

Leo says that if he can record each mic in a separate channel, he can probably fix it in post. He could just use a stereo microphone and put that in between him and the cohost. Or he could use a standalone device like the Zoom H4, which has a pair of directional mics that can record really well.

Is it legal to record your own audio books?

Episode 955

Tim from New Hampshire

Tim would like to record audio books for his niece and nephew to help them learn to read. Leo says it's perfectly legal to do this. Fair use allows him to do that. Research shows that audio books are a great way to get kids to read. So Leo says it's a cool gesture that needs to happen. He also wants to know if there's a place on line to get old time radio scripts. The Chatroom has come up with these options:

How can I prevent the static I have in my headphones?

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Episode 940

Dwight from Alta Dena, CA

Dwight is a voiceover artist for a new newsreading app called Umano. He applied, interviewed, was hired and is paid online. He is using the Blue Yeti which is the best mic for his work, but sometimes he gets static feedback in his headphones. Leo says that isn't supposed to happen and there's a short circuit in the mic which is sending voltage into the headphones.

What should I know to start a podcast?

Plantronics .Audio 655

Episode 898

Derrick from Minneapolis, MN

The nice thing about podcasting is that it's cheap, easy and simple, and all he needs is passion on a particular subject. It's also best to go after a narrow audience instead of trying to get as many people. He also would need to have sufficient audio quality so it's not difficult for people to listen. Other than that, he just wants to communicate his deep knowledge on the subject and his passion for it. He shouldn't expect to make any money though, because that is very rare. He might not even cover his costs.