Will My Internet Radio Stop Working Soon?

Grace Bravado Internet Radio

Episode 1777

Kevin from Ashville, NC

Kevin wants to be able to listen to audio streams using his Grace internet radio. Leo says that the radios rely on a directory service called Reciva, and it will be closing down after April 30th. Presets will continue to work, and any existing radio streams will continue to work. But once the station changes its URL or RSS feed, you won't be able to use it. After that date, radio manufacturers will have to update their firmware to use another directory.

Reciva is Gone, Will My WiFi Radio Stop Working?


Episode 1774

Micah from Portland, OR

Micah listens to the radio over WiFi and he recently heard that the Reciva internet guide will be shutting down. Will that make his WiFi radio a paperweight? Leo says that as long as the URL for the radio station doesn't change, it should still work. The presets should definitely work. But once the radio station changes the stream URL, he will lose it.

What's the easiest way to find an Internet Radio Station?

Mondo Internet Radio by Grace

Episode 1076

Steve from Canoga Park, CA

Steve wants to know why it's so difficult to tune into an Internet radio station. There has to be a better way than just search and then hunt around. Why isn't there a search protocol that's common? Leo says that it only works like that if there's a central authority. But the Internet isn't like that. Googling a radio station isn't always the best because every station does it differently.