rechargeable batteries

What's the best battery charger?

Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger

Episode 1456

Steven from Los Angeles, CA

Steven wants to know what battery charger is best. He's seen one on that looks pretty good. It's a Universal Battery Charger and it promises to regenerate batteries. Is it legit? Leo says that it's a bad idea to recharge alkaline batteries. He should get a rechargeable NIMH battery charger. Steven can check out for the best battery charger. He can get the charger with four batteries for around $21.

Why does my laptop say I need to replace my battery?

Episode 1162

Riley from Boston Spa, NY

Riley has a Windows 7 laptop and he's getting an error message that his battery should be replaced. Since Riley's laptop is about two years old, the time is about right for Riley to replace that Lithium Ion battery since they only have 500 fixed recharge cycles. So yes, Riley probably needs to replace the battery. If he keeps his laptop always plugged in, he'll be limiting the number of recharge cycles. He should only recharge the battery when he needs to for being out and about.

Could I use a cheap tablet for a camera?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1011

Jim from Woodland Hills, CA

Leo says that while most cameras have rechargable batteries these days, cameras that have disposable batteries are an advantage because he could get the batteries anywhere. It would be great for traveling. He can get rechargeable AAs, but he would need to get the high milliamp batteries for them to last. Eneloop Rechargeables by Sanyo are really good.