What's the best network attached storage device?

Episode 1243

Robert from Belgium

Robert is looking for a good network attached storage solution to keep movies on. Leo says that NAS media server storage is a good idea, as is backup. Leo likes Synology. They have a huge range of products from 2 -10 drives. Gigabit Ethernet speed. Are they low energy? Leo isn't sure.

Another option is the NetGear ReadyNAS. But Leo likes Synology best.

What's a good way to back up my network and also use it as a media server?

Synology DS414 Slim

Episode 1154

Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan would like a backup system that will backup through his router, and he'd like it to double as a media server. Leo says that's called network attached storage. It hooks into the router, is visible on the network as a drive, and it can be used as a backup. Many NAS systems will run media servers so they act like a jukebox for music, video, etc.

What Wi-Fi router would you recommend? (Part 1)

Episode 936

Judy from San Jose, CA

Leo says an 802.11n router would be good. If she has DSL now, she probably has a router already, but the question is does she have a Wi-Fi enabled one? Usually the router that comes with broadband is pretty basic. Leo says that Wi-Fi routers are a commodity now and there's not much difference from one to the other. That being said, Leo likes D-Link and NetGear. He's not so fond of Linksys. If money is no option, the Apple Aiport Extreme is the best.