raspberry pi

How can I learn programming?

Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson

Episode 1282

Brennon from Dallas, TX

Brennon wants to learn how to program. Leo says learning how to write computer code will give him a deeper understanding on how computers work. This will take him from being merely a consumer, to being a maker. Minecraft can be a fun way to learn programming. He can even do it with a Raspberry Pi for $35. It comes with the software used to write programs and he can do it inside of Minecraft.

A great book is Learn to Program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson.

How can I keep my stream from buffering?

Raspberry Pi 3

Episode 1272

Joe from Knoxville, TN

Joe picked up a Raspberry Pi 3. Leo says it's an amazing $35 computer which comes with ethernet and USB ports. It's very popular with hobbyists. Joe uses it to run XBMC with his Roku, but it buffers a lot. Leo says that a lot of things can cause buffering like a lack of bandwidth and lost packets. Leo has a hunch that the buffer in XBMC is larger than on the Roku. He'll also get less buffering with lower quality streams. He should check out adafruit.com

How can I create Harry Potter style portraits?

Episode 1186

Kerry from Marina Del Rey, CA

Kerry is a digital artist and loves to create cinemagraphs, which are animated GIFs. Sadly, there's no way to display them. He was wondering if he could use an Android mini PC stick or Raspberry Pi to drive it with a flatscreen monitor. Leo says that's a great idea since they have HDMI out. And then attach a wooden frame around the monitor with a matte. Leo says that's very clever. Kerry uses an app called QuickPick that displays cinemagraphs via Android in a slide show concept.

What does Leo think of the Raspberry PI?

Raspberry Pi

Episode 1046

Sean from Norfolk, UK

Sean wants to know Leo's thoughts on the Raspberry Pi computer. Leo says it's a very interesting concept. Raspberry Pis are small, cheap computers that teach computer science to kids. Great for building projects. It runs Linux, and a lot of people use it for building home theaters. This episode of KnowHow on the TWiT network shows how to use the Raspberry Pi.