What is a good video card for editing music?

XFX R7-240A-CLF2

Episode 1148

Dan from Bakersfield, CA

Dan has a 24" screen because he's into music recording. Should he buy a new video card? Leo says not for that screen. At 1920x1080, any video card is going to handle it. Leo says that the processor and RAM are more important for editing music than a video card. But it he requires a set manufacturer like Nvidia, a low end card will work just fine.

What size MacBook Air should I get?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1133

Neal from Phoenix AZ

Neal would like to get a new computer, but he doesn't know what size MacBook he should get. Leo says that the 13" MacBook Air with 4GB of RAM is more than adequate for what Neal needs it for, and with 13 hours of battery life, it's a great deal. The only limitation is that it has a smaller 128GB hard drive. But that's big enough for basic work. He can get an external drive to store all of his data and move it over from the old computer.

What photography software should I use on my new laptop?

Episode 1131

Bill from Boulder, CO

Bill is looking for a new laptop that he can use for his business. He has an older MacBook Pro with Aperture, but he doesn't like it. Leo says the good news is that Apple has killed Aperture and most photographers actually use Adobe Lightroom. He can buy it outright or use the Adobe Photographers CC package for $10 a month. Most serious photographers use both. And at $10 a month, he can't really beat it.

How can I speed up my Mac running Mavericks?

Episode 1051

Chris from Miami, OH

Chris is still having issues with OS X Mavericks and wonders if upgrading to 8GB of RAM would help it's performance. Leo says not really unless he's doing video or photo editing. If the Mac is running slow, it won't hurt to double the RAM. 8GB is a bit of a sweet spot, though, and it could help if he's having performance issues with the OS. But the real issue could be Mavericks itself. It's filled with bugs and Apple needs to fix it. The chatroom also says to go into the activity monitor and view his RAM usage. That could show him where the issue really lies.